My view on CROSSFIT


10454079_10152179184600976_8052787211283216044_oCrossFit is currently the hottest fitness trend around. CrossFit began as a form of training used primarily by the military, law enforcement, and emergency responders. In just over a decade, it’s grown to thousands of affiliates (local gym owners) and has its own world championships, the CrossFit Games, where the top men and women compete for the title of Fittest on Earth and each wins a check for $250,000. At its core, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that’s designed to improve your power, strength, agility, accuracy, stamina, speed, and endurance for anything physical—from digging a ditch, finishing a triathlon, throwing a football, or running a 10K. It combines aerobic conditioning (jumping rope, running, cycling, rowing, swimming) and gymnastics (ring dips, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, and other body-weight exercises) with weight-lifting moves (snatch, clean, clean + jerk, push press) and some old-school training elements like kettlebell swings, rope climbs, sledgehammer, and tractor-tire flipping. The WODS (workouts of the day) are random and may include any one or more of the core exercise modalities in virtually endless combinations.10497096_10152179168805976_6883263071120427423_o

Determining if CrossFit is a physical activity, exercise, physical fitness or a sport is a difficult task. Crossfit is differently a physical activity and you could also classify crossfit as exercise. Its contain the key element by having structure, being planned and having the main aim of improving fitness level. As for physical fitness whish concern set of attributes that people possess or achieve whish comply with crossfit ranging people on how many repititions and weight they can do. Crossfit sport which it also is called have The CrossFit Games, that is an annual worldwide competition to determine the Fittest on Earth. They have a rulebook, are competitive which may technically classify it as a sport, but all technicality aside, I wouldn’t call Crossfit a sport if I was asked about it. I would say that it is an exercise program that makes fit individuals who are good at performing circuit workouts fast. The terms physical activity, exercise, physical fitness and sport have all definitions that are similar, which crossfit is a typical example of. Whether to call crossfit sport, exercise, fitness or just physical activity is up to the individual crossfitter. As a sucker for functional training, crossfit is right up my alley and I say GO FOR IT.

By now you are wondering why this blog is in english and that is because I still have a lot of great friends that are not danes, don’t hold it against them 😉 And one is a swedish girl I met at the sport resort Playitas – a wonderful place, that I defo can recommend. I lived there for several months and I loved every minute of it :-) Her name is Stina Andersson and she is part of Team Tegen. I know her as a great instructor and she looks stronger than ever :-)10272507_10152179175025976_5830847351735755913_o 10275481_10152179033345976_8188189807822161155_o

I must admit that my knowledge and experience with crossfit is not as great as I would like it to be. But one thing that I do love is that there are team spirit and hard work behind every event. And to be honest, I would love to have an instructor teach me some more basic crossfit, cause you can never get to much basic 😉

But just beware of the technical and hardness of crossfit, there is to many injuries because people don’t have the time to go step by step and learn the basics.

All fotocredit goes to Mikael Svärdh – amazing pictures :-)

Go have fun :-)